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No more crafting a question and hoping for a meaningful answer. Coeus is built on a secure framework with proven industry leading AI capabilities.

The Solution to your Needs

There are plenty of tools, products, and best practices around how to build the ideal customer experience, but at a basic level it's about helping customers reach their goals in the fewest number of steps. The best solution needs to encompass the values of:


Automating both simple and more complex customer inquiries across any channel


Understanding complex language as well as conversational digressions


Natural Language Processing to continuously learn from and improve customer conversations

AI Integration

Integrating conversational Al into existing applications, content, and data


Ensuring security and data ownership while maintaining ongoing flexibility


Ensuring the assistant is agnostic to as many environments and software apps as possible


The industries comparison chart below outlines the key features that each package includes across the different industries.

Disaster Response
All Packages
Natural Language Conversation
Agent Escalation (Slack, email)
Realistic 3D Avatars (Soul Machines)
Voice Chatbot (via Twilio)
Enterprise Package
Hybird, Cloud-native Deployments
Agent Escalation (custom)
HIPAA-Ready Deployment
Patient Appointment Scheduler
E-commerce UI
Entity Location Tracking
Live Weather Map

Soul Machines Integration

*Additional cost

The marriage of Soul Machines and Coeus provides our customers a way to quickly implement a more personal, more intelligent chatbot to their customers. In a world where a strong digital presence is a necessity, we bring you a solution for customer-to-virtual-assistant conversations, enhanced customer-to-agent conversations, or a mix of where the agent has all information from the bot conversation.

The addition of the digital person from Soul Machines makes the interaction between the bot and the customer feel more like a conversation with a live person and allows the interaction to evolve based on the behavior of the customer.

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