Coeus combines a customizable, easy-to-use user interface with AI to provide the experience your customers demand.

Key Capabilities

Provide a Better Customer Experience

24/7 access to a virtual assistant to answer most customer requests, complete routine tasks, and pass customer information to an agent.

Provide a Better Agent Experience

Reduce call volumes while focusing your staff on more complex, higher-value transactions.

Orchestrate the Use of Existing Systems

Secure data and communications, providing integration with your backend systems to handle any given situation.

Natural Language Conversations

Coeus will converse with your stakeholders in normal human dialog, like you would talk to another person.

Learn Over Time

Coeus learns from your existing systems and its own interactions via conversations.

Rapid Deployment

Get Coeus AI assistant in as little as 6 weeks in the cloud or on premise.

Use Cases

Agent assist

We provide fast and consistent information back to the call center agent decreasing call times and saving money for your company.

Customer assist

Our solution understands questions in natural language - either spoken or typed, and returns the answer in clear, concise terms in the language in which it was asked.

Employee assist

Employees want quick access to their information. Coeus can answer general questions without the need to talk to HR and other departments. Questions like paid holidays, number of vacation days, W2 access/delivery are easily answered by Coeus anytime 24/7/365.

Key Benefits

Based on IBM’s AI and Red Hat’s OpenShift technologies

Quickly deploy and scale a cost-effective solution

Fast and effective customer experiences with consistent answers

Lower call center costs by reducing call times and call volumes

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