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Who We Are

Learn about what Coeus is all about and who makes up our team

About Us

The Coeus Division of Data Fusion Specialists, LLC is a dedicated team of IT professionals who bring many years of experience to the table for our clients.

How We Started

We began our journey to build a best-in-breed AI-powered virtual assistant in 2018. Since then, the team has grown over the years, but remained true to our intent to stay small and agile in order to quickly and efficiently respond to client needs. We built Coeus using the highly acclaimed IBM AI technology stack as the foundation. From that base, we’ve developed a solution that is easy to customize, quick to stand up, secure and private, and is simple for your business users to maintain and expand.

3 Reasons to Choose Coeus


Commitment to Excellence

Our Coeus development team is fully committed to making Coeus the #1 go-to AI virtual assistant on the market. We stay on top of current trends and update our products regularly.



Our promise to you is to always keep our customers at the forefront of our design. We research trends in your industry space to enhance our product to best meet your needs. We listen to your feedback.


Industry Expertise

Our full Coeus team has many years of experience across multiple industries. We have consultants from both operational and IT sides of the business. This expertise allows us to understand your unique challenges.

We would love for you to browse the website, request a demo, or simply contact us to show your interest in our product.

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